There from Here

by Ana MeiLi

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released April 28, 2011



all rights reserved


April Mei New York, New York

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Track Name: Wait for Me
Wait for me
wait for me
wait for me
wait for me

They came and stole the roof off of my father's house
and I buried my face in the ashes
we made charcoal masks to hide our faces
painted ourselves black
and waited

Hope travels from mouth to mouth
we packed our things up, sealed our lips, and mailed our bodies out
waited for my baby, almost born on the boat
I swore I'd tell him when he'd grown:

Take these seeds, don't ever let them see the light of day
til you're far far away from here
and listen as I whisper in your ear
the soft and silent stories of the tangled tendrils of the morning glories

Wait for me
Track Name: Sun, Sun
Sun, sun
you're about to set
but you hang on the horizon as if to say, I'm not quite ready yet

How can you ever not know what to do
when the world revolves around you
How can there be anything that you don't understand
when you are so much bigger, so much bigger than I am
Track Name: Anyway
I'm saying into a jar
you'll screw the lid on tight, throw it on a shelf
where all your outgrown clothes, your outgrown clothes are

Well you were right when you said
oh there isn't much to say
well it wasn't much, wasn't much of anything anyway
Track Name: I Took Your Virginity pt. 1
Hey little boy blue eyes, you are gonna be so famous one day
still listen to your songs sometimes, they're never about me, but that's okay
it's hard to keep in touch these days, I know I know I know I know I know I know
well I still think you're the best, but that doesn't make me anyone these days.

Your hands were always so graceful on paper, they turned clumsy on my skin
now here's a leg and here's an arm, you couldn't get the hooks undone
I laughed and then you blushed and we were friends
and now I'm sure you've got girls and girls and girls and girls and girls and girls and girls all over you
and I'm not one of them though I've still got bits of you stuck in between my teeth.
Track Name: I Took Your Virginity pt. 2 (Oh Well)
Now I'm just being lazy
and I'm not impressed with you
I don't feel like fucking these days
oh well

You were such a good lay when you didn't know how
oh well
Track Name: Socializing
If I talk you'll think I'm weird, if I don't then you'll be bored
so I mutter sounds you won't understand
this is not a good solution, I'm just buying myself time
as I stall for something clever to say

And I know I should be trying to look pretty
but I'm slumped up pigeon toed against the wall
please forgive me if I laugh at all of the wrong times
they never taught me how to do this in school
Track Name: Giant Islands
I am not responsible for what you think of me
that is something you'll decide independently
I thought I did my best but I guess I tread too carefully

Go back to your houses
there's nothing to see here

And the continents are all just giant islands
can't understand how lonely they must be
continents are all just giant islands

Go back to your houses
there's nothing to see

I am not responsible
Track Name: Message in a Bottle
There are bottles in my body that are ready to explode
they are teeming with infection and disease
but today I'm sitting down and I am writing them a note
which I will stuff right down their throats before I throw them out to sea
It says, what's out of sight I'll keep in mind
but too much hindsight makes you blind
it damages the tape to press play and rewind at the same time
everything comes in waves and stays just long enough for us to wade
through it before it fades away
so I'm sending you back the same way that you came

And I'll wave goodbye goodbye goodbye bye, wave goodbye
goodbye goodbye goodbye bye wave goodbye
Track Name: There from Here
Don't you want to go somewhere warm
somewhere warm
don't you want to go somewhere warmer than here
well it's all for the best, I guess, you say
I'll stay in my room temperature room temperature room

Well what did you expect
what did you expect to get
when you settle for the best
what did you expect

And you find yourself lukewarm in more ways than one
if we go we can show our shoulders the sun
but you slump deeper in your chair
and now you're cutting off your hair again
you wear your clothes into the shower so you won't have to see your own skin

You won't get away with this
you won't get away with this
you won't get away with this without paying your dues

Well you better keep your hands where they are
it's an eye for an eye around these parts
and you'll get what you pay for, you'll shoot what you aim for
if you give a damn at all
oh and

Can't a girl get some sympathy
I'm a long way from home, got no place to sleep
and all I want to do is wash my face off and take out my teeth at night
I pull off to the side of the road, ask a man for directions
he shakes his head no and says
pretty face, let me make myself clear
you can't get
no you can't get there from here

can't get there from